COPLAC Project- Update: 1

Who has two thumbs and is in panic-mode? This guy!

No, but, seriously; things are stressful at the moment. Between preparing for senior seminar, getting everything turned in for graduate school, and the bulk of the rest of my course work this semester, I wouldn’t describe my life as “fun” right now. However, I did manage to get the map for the “Travels” section of our COPLAC course project site up and running! The page still requires some informative text, but, that can wait for a later day. Bailey has good news on the performance art piece! She’s found someone that would is ready and willing to belt a folksong! In other news, however, it looks as if we might not get the opportunity to perhaps interview a relative or friend that knew Mr. Adams. Angie Harvey instead suggested that we should perhaps just talk with a local historian about what they might now about Mr. Adams. At the moment, this is all I have to report on the status of our project!

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