Final Project Update #1 3/27/2017

It is Monday of another new week, and the countdown is ticking. This week I began working on my Timeline JS project as part of the biography of James Taylor Adams portion of the final project. I have the page posted on the website, however the content is not posted yet. I have the running excel file saved to my drive. I do not plan to post it until I have all of the information I would like to include on the file. I found a wonderful article in the Appalachian Journal on JSTOR about James Taylor Adams that I have constantly been referencing. It is a review of James’ work, Grandpap Told Me Tales: Memories of an Appalachian Childhood, by Charles L. Perdue Jr..

I have also identified a theater major that is willing to perform a piece by James Taylor Adams. “God willing and the creek don’t rise.” The piece that the student will perform has not been identified as of today. Along with other news, I contacted the Dean Harris (our onsite advisor) and the Chair of the Institutional Review Board to find out whether our project would require an application. I received wonderful news in that it will NOT!!! However, it will require a press release form which I have secured with our Media Relations advisor. That’s it for now folks! Check in next week to see what the Final Project Progress Report has to report next!

Bailey Helbert

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