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Map of Publication

The Child’s Instructor

I found a few publications on a text called “The Child’s Instructor” by John Ely. It was published at various locations between the years of 1758-1847. The map below provides an excellent visual as to the distance of which the book was published. Mainly, in the northern states is where it was found as you can see below.


It was at first difficult to create this map. There were many steps involved. The most difficult being able to download Zotero. This is a data scraping tool that allows multiple inputs to be applied later to a spreadsheet or a given work. There are many uses for Zotero, however I used it to scrap all the publications and locations associated with “The Child’s Instructor.” Everything after downloading Zotero was relatively straightforward using Dr.Pauley’s tutorial. I encourage you to view that here. Overall, it was a long process, however, I was very proud of the end result. This was by far my favorite project. Now I can say I know how to create a Google map!