Aaaaand we’re done?

Hello all!

I think that this site is finished. There are a few things that I (Dakota) did not get to, but I do not think that anyone will notice them missing. I am working on a transcript for the audio interview, but given that it is finals week, I think that will have to wait. In general, Kinsey and I are both happy with the finished product for the site which we put a tremendous amount of ourselves into.



Past Few Days

Hello all,

so Garfield and Mondays is about the relationship Kinsey and I have with finals right now. While nothing new has gone up on site, we have spent the past few days gathering information and getting ready to put our last round of information and final touches up onto the site. The interview with Dan Rattigan was lovely and shall be up as soon as possible. We are also currently in the process of reviewing the feedback from our peers on our site. I’m going to keep this short and sweet today given the amount that we have to do, but we’re alive and working hard on the second half of the site!



I just need everyone to know that I had finished typing up the bulk of the page about the food we cooked and then closed it without saving as WordPress saves drafts as you go. Being a paranoid, stressed out college student, I decided to check and make sure the information had actually saved on the page even though I had not officially updated the public version. The answer to that question is no, no it did not. I could stay up and re-type it but I think that is going to have to wait till tomorrow when there is more chocolate and sleep in my life. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my written complaint about a mistake thoroughly my own.



P.S.S Professors, you wanted to know if there is a downside to composing in WordPress. This is it.