The timeline depicted below shows the varying editions which were indicated on the map of Oklahoma. These specific editions are either a physical copy in a library or online, scanned editions with access to them through an Oklahoma university’s library website.

♦ The information for each edition’s description within the timeline was adapted from Coolie Verner’s checklist of the separate editions of Notes on the State of Virginia1

♦ Before the 1787 edition was printed, Jefferson wrote to John Stockdale informing him he never intended for Notes on the State of Virginia to be made public due to lack of interest to other people – apart from perhaps Marquis François de Barbé-Marbois and inhabitants of Virginia. Read the entire letter here2

♦ In the Trenton 1803 edition, a map is mentioned which was engraved by William Barker and was the same map Mathew Carey used in his Pocket Atlas. That map can be viewed here3


1. A Further Checklist of the Separate Editions of Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia
2. From Thomas Jefferson to John Stockdale
3. Mathew Carey’s American Pocket Atlas