For this assignment I decided on a whim to use Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s Don Quixote (English translations), knowing that there was a copy in our archives here. I struggled and struggled with the software due to my own technological ineptness, but finally after hours of having too many tabs open on my computer at once, I was able to make a map. This map shows the distribution of editions of Don Quixote from 1620 to 1799. Unsurpisingly enough, most of them were published in London (which is why it is red, because I color-coded by concentration), but there a few more here and there, obviously centralized in the UK and Ireland. As you can see, there was one stray over in Maryland, which was slightly out of place, but I guess not too odd because it was a later copy (1781).

Color-Coded by Concentration:

London – 59 copies (red)

Dublin – 9 copies (orange)

Glasgow – 3 copies (yellow)

Coventry – 1 copy (green)

Edinburgh – 1 copy (green)