Gold Side

  • Mascot: Lion
  • Colors: Black and Gold
  • Hand Sign: Thumbs up
  • Motto: “There’s always room for one more gold!”
  • Circle: Has a hole to signify the room for one more
  • Quirk: Walks to all events a large group chanting “Shh! Be quiet! The Golds are coming, the Golds are coming!”

Side Song Lyrics

We are a symphony
With our hearts in perfect harmony
We’ll make a melody
That we can’t make separately
We are black and gold
Love will guide us, it will see us through
New, old, loyal Golds
This our song will never be through
Don’t think that we will ever stop singing
Because a song in our hearts is ringing
A song of joy that binds us together
This is a song that we’ll sing forever
Boom! Sha la la
Boom! Sha la la
Boom! Sha la la
Hey, ho, loyal Golds
Stop and look and listen to our chant
Soon we will have won a Golden Victory
Hey, ho, loyal Golds
Leaders: Hey Gold Side! What’s it gonna be?
Side: A GV!

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