Purple Side

  • Mascot: Cow
  • Colors: Purple and White
  • Hand Sign: Peace sign
  • Motto: “A united circle is a united side!”
  • Circle: Is complete to signify the united side
  • Quirk: Has “Purple families” where one can get “purple married” to someone and adopt “purple children.”

Side Song Lyrics:

In the town of Montevallo
There’s a side we love so well
It’s a place where Purple spirit always dwells.
Sing of Purples to our Leaders
with our voices raised on high
and the magic of our singing casts a spell . . . POOF!
Yes, the magic of our singing
to the Side we love so well
you can hear us in the morning and the night.
We will serenade our leaders
for we took a sacred vow
Then we’ll pass and be forgotten with the rest.
We’re loyal Purples
Who love our side
Purple pepsters sing with glee
Show your blood is royalty
Lord have mercy and it will be
Leaders: Hey Purple Side! What’s it gonna be?
Side: A PV!

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