The Cohongoroota

The Cohongoroota is Shepherd College’s yearbook. The yearbook was published between 1910-1916, 1920-1929, and 1949-1983. The junior class began to create a yearbook as a way to foster a sense of school pride and to preserve the memory of Shepherd and its students.

Cover of the 1970 edition of The Cohongoroota

The first faculty adviser to The Cohongoroota was Walter McGarry Duke, a professor of Modern Languages. After his death in 1919, Shepherd’s student newspaper, The Picket, wrote that “Mr. Duke will be remembered as an old friend to the Juniors, initiating The Cohongoroota which carried beyond class spirit and played its part in developing a school spirit worthy of Shepherd College.” The yearbook, and those involved in its creation, played a vital role in preserving school life and spirit. It was also a way for students to express themselves creatively and to show both the school and community what was important to them as a student body. We hope that by sharing just a few of these snapshots of Shepherd’s history, we can highlight the excellence of past Shepherd students and make their lives more accessible to the campus community today.

1910, 1920, 1949, 1982