During commencement week in 1920, President Miller announced his decision to retire from his position. As he vacated his position, Miller’s biggest concerns for the school were low teacher salaries and not having enough student housing. The next president of Shepherd College was W.H.S White, a native of Lewis County, West Virginia. The White administration is the longest single administration in Shepherd’s history (1920-1947). White was a popular public speaker, and used his talents to strengthen the school’s relationship with the community.

The 1920 edition of The Cohongoroota was the first to be published after WWI caused a lull in yearbook production from 1916-1919. Before this year, editorial responsibilities of the yearbook fell to the junior class, but the senior class of 1920 were the ones responsible for reviving the yearbook. After this year, however, responsibility for the yearbook was given back to the junior classes. Due to the four year pause in production, the 1920 yearbook dedicated a section to explanation of how Shepherd and its students contributed to the war effort. For example, the senior class of 1918 chose to take the money that would have paid for their class rings and donate it to the war effort. As you can see in the slideshow below, The Cohongoroota continued to display the creativity and humor of Shepherd students as well as provide an outlet for students to preserve another year of their lives at Shepherd.

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