Final Project Update: Week Three

The worst part about not having a partner for this project, with an immune system like mine, is that when you get very sick (for the second time this semester), you’ve got no one to pick up the slack.

Fortunately, what I have been able to accomplish since my last post is a clearer focus on and direction for the tools that I am going to work with to present on my project site. After our last class on Thursday, the professors suggested that I utilize a tool that another group is having tremendous success with: StoryMap JS. This tool would allow me to take each of the three books that I’m discussing and give the visitor a closer look at certain aspects and details of them with a heavily guided narrative. I’ve already played around with it a bit, and am very excited about its potential! However, I need to take the time to form a better understanding of how this tool works, as I’ve been hitting a few annoying roadblocks that are really slowing down my progress. Luckily for me, and the rest of the class, we have two great professors who go above and beyond to help us succeed, and I’ll have had some assistance with this issue by the end of tomorrow!

The plan for this week is to either make successful contact with Dr. Poste’s daughter or put that potential addition to the site to rest, as well as to finish my first StoryMap JS, get some back-lit pictures of the books, and finish writing my introduction page. I will be a hot-tea-chugging, tissue-stuffed computer gremlin for the entire first warm, sunny week that western New York has seen all semester… but I’m not bitter about that. 🙂

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