Final Project Update: Week Four

With one week left to go, there is a lot of work left to be done on the site.

Last week I made a lot of progress with the tools that I will be using, and expect my two StoryMap JS presentations and Timeline JS to be finished in the next few days. I am also considering using Juxtapose JS to enhance the depiction of subtle bibliographic details of the books that I’m working with. Once these tools go up on the site, all that will be left will be the text, as well as some more static pictures of each individual book. While I wanted to include an interview on the website as well, with Dr. Poste’s surviving daughter, making contact has been a real challenge, and I’m, unfortunately, running out of time. To make up for this shortcoming on my site, I’d like to record at least one interview with either the current Special Collections Librarian, and/or the former. The current Special Librarian has a working knowledge of what the library was like when Dr. Poste was a professor of library science, and her predecessor would have actually worked with Dr. Poste, however briefly, and was around the library while he was dealing in antique books. With any luck, I’ll get an interview yet!

Today, I stagedĀ anotherĀ photo shoot with my beautiful books… I just can’t seem to help myself. There is a space on my website that is meant for a large image to be displayed at the top of each page, and I have been keeping the default image there as a placeholder until I could come up with a better one. While I originally wanted to use a picture from the college archives, ideally a building like the old library in which Dr. Poste would have worked, I couldn’t find any of decent quality, so I decided that I would have to stage my own headlining photo. Thankfully, the Livingston County Historical Society allowed me to borrow a WWII captain’s hat to pose with Poste’s donations so better convey the “soldier librarian” theme that I’m trying to push. We’ll see how it turns out!

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