Let it be said that I have a new respect for cartographers of all kinds. Using at least five different programs for one project is not up my alley; I simply do not have the patience for it (especially not when I had to wipe everything Zotero related and start over). All-in-all though, I think the end result is amazing and I can think of hundreds of really useful applications for something like this: tracing the movements of books and people people; labeling mathematical achievements in a certain field; looking at old wars; and so on!

Now as to the book I used, I ended up using The Elements of Euclid, a collection of mathematical proofs written by Euclid. The proofs range all over the various mathematical fields and are some of the first formally constructed proofs. This book had a significant impact on mathematics, and so I figured that it would have been printed in many cities. Now, the sampling that I took is very small, but that is because many of the copies printed were edited or had notes in them to help readers perhaps not so fluent. For the most part, I believe that these collections simply had the original volumes written by Euclid with the only edition perhaps being a preface.