Apparently Safari and Kumu are having domestic problems, and I suspect it is because Chrome and Kumu are in the middle of an affair. All of that is a round about way of saying that my loading problem with Kumu magically fixed itself as soon as I used Chrome.

Technical difficulties aside, I really enjoyed using Kumu. I think that like Timeline JS this is a fun way of showing visually the data we are working with. It also builds upon the connection work we did with the spreadsheets, except that the Kumu map is colorful. In all seriousness however, I think that being able to interact with large amounts of data in this manner is extremely helpful to building an understanding concerning the data. The ability to work with it in some physical manner rather than trying to project it all in one’s head is lovely and helps foster better analysis.

Below is my recreation of Professor Pauley’s Manchester data. I really want to find some way to incorporate this into our local project.