some things should die

There are many regrettable things in this world. Neon printer paper is one. Elmers glue sticks, unless you are a drag queen, is another. Glitter also makes that list, in many people’s opinions.

All of these things were found in the Gold Side 1994 Production Book.

We are in the thick of digitizing. We have reached books that reflect the modern ones, and even have one with a wooden cover. Despite the knowledge that the 90s can generally be regarded as a time of trends that need to be forgotten, I was not prepared to open the 1994 books and be hit with the evidence so thoroughly.

The book was full of neon A4 paper that was falling off of the larger construction paper it was glued to- so much as nudging the paper was enough to dislodge what had once been attached. At one point, I accidentally brushed the book, and a flurry of glitter was sent flying towards Savannah.

Another challenge present itself before we even began to scan the Gold ’94 book. The book, we noticed, was bound in an unusual fashion- it had screws in the binding. Screws, as it turned out, that furrowed into each other. One of them was something like a pipe, and the other half screwed into it complete a little rod that kept everything in place.

These screws were plastic. They were unwilling to let go of one another. It took a screwdriver, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a lot of googling, and two sets of hands in order to get them undone so that we could scan the pages of the book. After we finally got the pages out, the rest of the scanning process involved me picking up pieces of paper and trying to place them in their original places on the page (or as close as I could get them).

In other news that doesn’t need to die, our IRV got approved! That’s about it that’s happened this week.

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