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It’s one thing to have the knowledge that someone, somewhere on Gold Side Cabinet 2017 screwed up and misspelled your name. I get it, Haynes is a little unusual, and yeah, that underwear brand does spell it without the Y. It’s a bit annoying when you find it misspelled in the College Night program, but hey, at least they included your double name at all, right? It’s even kind of alright when the production book does the same thing, because, hey, they didn’t call you Mary.

Sure, they probably should have someone double check with all the people they’re including in the program for spelling. In fact, I’m fairly certain I wrote my name on at least ten sheets of paper at different times that got turned into different Cabinet members. Actually, shouldn’t someone have checked on that? I really would like it if someone checked on that from now on.

These were the thoughts that ran through my head as I scanned the College Night 2017 book, digitizing it and the name “Mary Hanes Furman” to be put up on the internet for all of time.

We have finally digitized the last of the books. It’s quite a feat, considering that Greek Week was upon us and both Savannah and I took active roles in the events for our sororities. We managed to make time to disappear into the archives on Tuesday night, when I digitized the Gold 2017 book while Savannah plucked away on the timeline. Savannah is an actual goddess and found time to go back on Thursday and scan the Purple 2017 book.

For the first time, I wrote down thoughts about the book as I was digitizing it, so I have plenty of details for this one.

I’ve now digitized something like six books. You’d think that I’d be getting better as time went on, but this book seemed to prove me wrong. Multiple times I would accidentally hit scan, and spend the next thirty seconds yelling at the computer, “I DIDN’T TELL YOU TO SCAN!” while frantically shutting the scanner so that our retinas were not blinded by the bright light. After digitizing six or so books I can also say that each book takes about 2 to 2 and a half hours to scan in full, with maybe five to ten minutes for the program to go through the three step saving process.

Here is the experience I had as I scanned the Gold 2017 book:

Firstly, I witnessed different parts of the making of the Gold 2017 book. I know that they painted what was once multi-colored scrapbook black, and had even suggested they cover the spine of it (where the paint was already cracking, a week before it had to be turned in for judging) with something like black electrical tape. They did not heed this advice, and now, only two months after College Night, the ribbon that they had glued to the edges of the spine is already peeling off and bringing the black paint with it.

Besides that, though, the book is really not a bad book. In both of these 2017 books, the sides decided to put the pages of it in plastic sheets, much like those you protect pages with in a binder. This has been a trend for several years now. Another trend is stapling packets of each individual song together and putting them in their own plastic sleeve, rather than hole-punching and including them as part of the book. It was amusing to see the long string of almost identical-looking scans, as they included different packets for the vocal sheet music, the accompaniment (for which on one song required so many sheets of paper that a staple did not go though it, and they had to use an alligator clip).

This staple packet existed for every single song in the show, except for one song called “Royal Proclamation.” This was a rap, for which the composers of the show made a back track on an audio spinning software on a computer. Because of this, there wasn’t any sheet music. Instead, I found a CD (I thought I had taken a picture of it, but apparently I didn’t). This CD was in a broken case, with a homemade cover that featured the two composers, with crown emojis on each of their heads and the phrase “#it’s lit” followed by a fire emoji written on one side, in what appeared to be the red Snapchat writing feature.

That CD is possibly the most amusing thing I’ve seen out of a College Night book yet.

On the side of the project that does not deal with scanning: I finally found a theme that both Savannah and I like. Unfortunately, it seems to not be letting me change the title color of the site, despite the fact that when I go in to editing mode it tells me I have, in fact, changed it.

Hopefully in the next week we’ll get the rest of the pages for the site written and uploaded, as well as the tweaking of the finer details on the site itself.

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