13 pages and 8 posts later

It’s finished. I’m in shock–the Montevallo SLOB site is finished. Savannah and I completed everything we wanted to, and it’s all up on the website.

I’m actually a lot sadder than I realized I would be, even though I know I still have something like 14,000 pages of Production Book to digitize tucked away in the archives.

I think a part of it is that tonight, for the first time, the gravity of what Savannah and I have begun truly hit me. As I sat in the library, editing our interviews with Marion Brown, the Director of College Night, and Carey Heatherly, our school archivist, I was reminded of just how much College Night means to our campus and to this community. I think, somewhere in the lines of thinking about this project as strictly for this course, and therefore for people that don’t know what College Night is, or have any emotional attachment to it, I lost exactly what it meant for us to be doing this.

But tonight, I remembered, and turned to Savannah and said, “Do you ever think about how we’re documenting such an important part of our school’s history in a completely new way for the first time?”

Judging from the dumbfounded look she gave me in return, she too had forgotten the weight of what we set out to accomplish with this project.

It could be that I’m in a week-before-finals-oh-god-I-have-five-papers-due state of emotional wreckage, and therefore are more subject to fall this nostalgic, awed state that I find myself. But I also know that the balloon of pride currently swelling in my chest comes from the knowledge that Savannah and I have begun a very important documentation of Montevallo’s history, and I’m so utterly pleased that we have had this opportunity.


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