a book’s lineage

When fellow student and researcher Savannah Willard and I went back to the archives to begin this week’s project, we had initially set our sights on a particular copy of Don Quixote¬†that Carey (the school’s archivist) had shown us during one of our earlier visits. The little book was full of marginalia that came with existing in a school library. However, by happenstance of one of the two of us pulling this unassuming old book off of the shelves, we found ourselves much more intrigued by this text.

Finding the history of this book was a larger undertaking than either of us realized, involving Danish languages (which neither Savannah nor myself are fluent in) and Norwegian lineage (which is very complicated, we came to find out). But the process was an enjoyable one, and the two of us were fascinated the entire time. Below are our findings.

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